Purchasing Method

1) Identify the wanted item(s) and get the code with the availability status of the item(s).

2) Fill in the 'Order Form' at the bottom of this blog for ordering or reservation purpose.

3) We'll reply your message for confirmation within 24 or 48 hours (this is our part time job, so please consider, TQ ). =)

4) After being confirmed, you are required to make your payment within 3 days. If refused, we'll assume u as a backout buyer(s) (unless u inform us to prolong the payment period)

5) Inform us your details with payment proof ; name, date, time, amount, by email or SMS, soon after you've made your payment. (we'll inform our phone number in e-mail)

6) After we confirmed ur payment, we'll deliver the item(s)  day after  u've made ur payment OR the same day u've made ur payment (depends on our situation OR the period of ur payment). =)

7) After item(s) been delivered, please check your tracking code (we'll e-mail / SMS the code).